Improve the efficiency and safety of your home.

Residential Electrical Services

Our dedicated team is committed to improving the safety, efficiency and functionality of your home through a full range of services.

Whether for 24 hour emergency assistance, replacement of electrical panels, electrical upgrade of aluminum cables, installation of electric heating systems with or without thermostats, or wiring of new constructions , we cover all aspects of residential electrical needs with precision and care.

Our expertise also extends to increasing electrical entry capacity, and carrying out thorough electrical inspections for insurance purposes, ensuring your home meets the highest safety standards.

24/7 Emergency Service.
New construction wiring.
Electrical modernization.
Convector heating installation with electronic thermostat for cabana, spa, and pool.
Replacement of old fuse panel with a circuit breaker panel.
Increase electrical input capacity from 100A to 200A.up to 400A
Electrical inspection of your home for insurance purposes.
Generator installation services up to 26 kW

Why Choose Groupe DMN

1. Expertise: Our skilled team delivers precise solutions for all electrical tasks.

2. Reliability: We prioritize quality and use top-notch materials for lasting results.

3. Safety: Your safety is paramount, and we adhere to strict safety standards.

Choose Groupe DMN for trusted, efficient, and expert residential electrical services.


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